RIX is the market leader in all aspects of shotcrete construction and architectural finishes. Our passionate teams are committed to the delivery of industry leading shotcrete projects of all sizes throughout Australia.

RIX has established itself as the largest ground engineering shotcrete applicator in Australia and our multi skilled teams spray in excess of thirty thousand cubic metres of shotcrete each year. Installed to the highest quality, to multiple types of finish, RIX are able to apply shotcrete anytime, anywhere, anyhow.

Typical shotcrete applications include
Retaining/shoring walls
Slope stabilisation
Road & rail embankments
Mine box cuts, portals, high walls
Mine & tunnel underground roof support
Dam spillways
Detention tanks
Sea walls
In ground drain channels & culverts
Wet & dry shotcrete hand sprayed
Wet & dry shotcrete robotically sprayed
Simulated rock & block finishes/mock rock