RIX specialises in bringing concrete artificial rock to life and our scope is limited only by your imagination.

For the beauty of a natural rock environment with the advantages of a simulated one, call the professionals. RIX simulated rocks are lightweight, durable, realistic and weather resistant, using both real and artificial rocks. Where weight and volume are critical, especially in monolithic structures, our artificial rock is the perfect solution. We custom make formations to suit an array of needs, working to your specifications in almost any environment. As a man-made stone, concrete is a natural part of our solution. In the hands of our experienced designers and craftspeople, we create completely realistic features, simulating fine details, textures and shapes. This gives you the flexibility to create just about any environment you desire.

Typical applications of architectural shotcrete and simulated rock include
Sea walls
Slopes and embankments
Road and rail cuttings
Concrete sculptures
Water features
Simulated natural environments